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The CowPots Solution

CowPots Australia – exports excess nutrients from our sustainable farm to where they’re needed (your garden) and replaces non-renewable planting containers like plastic and peat.

Do they work?

CowPots actually break down in one growing season!

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The nitrogen that is naturally in manure serves 2 purposes:

  1. It kickstarts the composting process allowing CowPots to break down once planted.
  2. Nitrogen also attracts microorganisms in the soil to assist in the decomposition process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Benefits of CowPots

Benefits to Plants

Start your seedling plants in these pots. Eliminates disturbing roots when planting. They do a great job and are environmentally better than using peat pots.

  • Never Root Bound – Unrestricted root penetration
  • No Cutting or Tearing – Reduces transplant shock
  • Goodness of Manure – CowPots decompose quickly once planted, enriching the soil.

Benefits to the Planet

So awesome to plant a whole row of seedlings and not look back and see a line of plastic pots to pick up and makes planting so much easier!

  • No Added Landfill Waste – Plastic Pots are non-recycleable
  • CowPots are 100% Biodegradable.
  • Renewable Materials – Made from recycled and post consumer materials, 100% Peat Free 100% Plastic Free
  • Renewable Energies – Zero waste stream manufacturing. Made using solar power & methane gas.
CowPots biodegrade

Fungus and sometimes mould

The less glamorous, but essential aspect of being a CowPot

We take great pride in the natural ingredients we use to make CowPots. For centuries gardeners, farmers and growers have discovered the value of using cow manure as a soil amendment. At CowPots, we’ve just helped by innovating a new and unique way to get that manure into the garden. So we remind all of our gardening enthusiasts, CowPots may not look like manure nor smell like manure, but they are manure, and thus decompose, biodegrade and add value to your garden just like manure does

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For our friends that have visited cow pastures after a herd of grazing cattle, it is not uncommon to discover mushrooms growing from the cow patties left behind. This natural cycle of decomposition is also apt to happen on CowPots, just as it does out in the pasture.

So don’t worry, it’s natural mould – growing medium

We have completed countless experiments and tests on the moulds and mushrooms found growing on CowPots. None have ever tested harmful. The growth of mushrooms is natural and is proof that CowPots are a great growing medium. 

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