• Sustainable Solution


  • Biodegradable Products

    Kind to
    Mother Earth

  • Composted Manure


  • Replaces Plastic

    100% Peat Free

The CowPots Solution

Your partner CowPots understands the difficulties in the supply chain, and have optimized an ethical, sustainable solution that delivers a superior financial outcome.

CowPots are manufactured biodegradable products kind to our planet earth!   CowPot products are renewable and recycled from composted cow manure. Totally sustainable and true alternative to plastic and peat.  CowPots have the capability of customizing the product range to your industry for packaging, surveying hunting and other varying horticultural industries.

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CowPots Manure in your Garden

Cow Pot Product Range

CowPots available in Bulk and Customizable

CowPots biodegradable plant pots

Environmentally Sustainable - 100%

Cow Pots

Using CowPots

Cow Pot seedling plant pots

Opportunity for the Dairy Industry


CowPots university tested, results CowPots best rate bio-containers.

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Australia Dairy Herd size is similar to Ireland at just over 1.4 M Cows

CowPots Australia Renewable Recyclable pots.

Cow to Manure to Pot to Garden !

 The need to produce seedlings grow the produce and flowers that farms and communities will enjoy for years to come

Beyond the farm, dairy producers are an important part of sustainable nutrition, locally and globally.

Just as manure is to a garden for nutrition to plants!


CowPots - the cattle supply chain business committed to our customer needs and delivering superior and predictable carcass outcomes. In achieving that we ensure Processor bonus payments are secured, which are then shared back through our farmer and grower supply chain partners to reward and incentivise excellence.

Our supply chain is based on data analysis, supporting improved genetic selection, stockfeed science, feed conversion efficiencies, better animal husbandry together deliver consistently better financial outcomes.

Want to know how you get involved?


Listen to the Podcast on CowPots coming to Australia!

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